Kingsclere Cancer Research Fundraiser

Friday 2nd September 2022

Sandford Springs Hotel and Golf Club, Kingsclere

In aid of


Our Stories

Mandy’s Story

In June 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer
after finding a lump in my breast. I had two
operations to remove the tumour and was treated
with chemotherapy and radiotherapy afterwards.
Throughout this period I was terrified and with three
children ranging from two to fourteen, it was a
worrying time for my family too. My husband was
an absolute rock and supported us all as did our
amazing friends and families too.
During my treatment, I closely followed the amazing
work that Cancer Research UK are doing and saw
their progress with treatments is improving all the
time. We want to raise as much money for this
charity to ensure that there are more families out
there who get a second chance like we have.

Becky’s Story

My family carry a faulty BRCA gene. When these genes
work normally they help fight breast, ovarian and other
cancer cells growing in an uncontrolled way. As mine is
faulty I am at a huge risk to develop these cancers. We
have lost family members because of this gene and one
of my cousins, who I am extremely close to, has recently
sadly been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She is
my inspiration – she faces regular treatment, some of it
extremely gruelling, but I am thankful for her every day.
Over the past year, I have been on my own journey due
to my faulty BRCA gene, but thanks to an awesome
medical team I know I am one of the lucky ones. My
biggest fear is that my own children will carry this gene
and face this risk. I can’t hope enough that diagnosis,
treatment and cures for cancer are even better for their

Claire’s Story

I lost my friend Vicki to ovarian cancer in 2019.
Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her and
miss her. The last time I saw her before she
passed away she urged me to go back to the
GP to chase a diagnosis for the digestive pain I
had been struggling to manage for several
years. My own diagnosis of Stage 3 bowel
cancer followed.
Following surgery and chemotherapy in 2021 I
am well, and keen to raise funds for the
incredible scientists who are our best hope of
stopping this disease in its tracks.

Allison’s Story by Sean

Allison was formally diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer
on 23 December 2020. During the preceding month or two, only
some vague symptoms and blood tests indicated there may be
some issues. Sadly, Allison died only 4 short weeks to the day after
the diagnosis. She was 54 and had 3 children.
As a family, we are determined that Allison’s legacy will be our
inspiration to raise awareness and knowledge of the many forms of
cancer; provide support for those affected; and increase funding
into research and innovation. All of these will help in our aim to
increase survival rates for all cancers, especially the terribly low
rates for pancreatic cancer and other currently less-survivable
forms of the disease.

Our Event 2022

Kingsclere Cancer Research Fundraiser
Ball and Gala Dinner

Friday 2nd September 2022

Sandford Springs Hotel & Golf Club

Carriages 12:30am

in aid of
Cancer Research UK

Drinks Reception

Official Photographer

3 Course Meal and wine

Silent Auction

Music and dancing

Photo Booth


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Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information.

It is the world’s largest independent cancer research organization and is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man. CRUK was formed on 4 February 2002 by the merger of The Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

CRUK conducts research using both its own staff and grant-funded researchers. It also provides information about cancer and runs campaigns aimed at raising awareness and influencing public policy.

The organisation’s work is almost entirely funded by the public. It raises money through donations, legacies, community fundraising, events, retail and corporate partnerships. Over 40,000 people are regular volunteers.

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